Article Titles Should Not Sound Like a Classified Listing

You have a zero percent chance of getting an article published at Article Yard if your article title is a sales pitch.

If your article title is something like:

Great Value Motorcycle Parts

your article will be declined immediately.

Don't waste your own time submitting the article, and our time checking the declined box. Write articles that have some VALUE to readers, or serve a purpose besides selling a product or service.

So if your next article sounds or looks like something you'd find on Craigslist, don't bother.

We've moved to a newer, faster, better server!

We're happy to announce that we've moved to a newer, faster and overall better grid hosting solution. The new home should allow the article directory to grow, and scale easily if/when new resources are needed. For you, this means submitting articles, and all back end access should be a less painful process.

We know some of you have had problems, and hopefully now you find Article Yard a better choice and continue writing and submitting great articles.

When Pasting from a Word document...

Please use the new "Paste from Word" button when copying/pasting your article from a Microsoft Word document. Even if you are using a word processor besides Word to copy and paste from, use the button to help clean up some of the extraneous code that these applications like to add unknowingly.

The button looks like this:

Paste from Word wysiwyg button

Please use it!

New tags section

Instead of trying accommodate every category and sub-category, Article Yard will be focusing more on the tagging system. You are allowed 5 tags per article, which allows you to fine-tune the categorization of your articles.

The new tags page and tabs will be launched in the near future. We have a preliminary page available to view here:

If you have any suggestions on how to better display these pages/tabs, please use the [+] Feedback form on any page.


Promotional links are NOT allowed in articles

The executive summary of this post is that links are not allowed in articles in almost all situations. You must only add links to the "Author Byline" section.

The only time it is ok to add links in the main body of your article, is if the links add value to the reader. An example would be if you are comparing products and wanted to give your readers a more in depth look at specs. Instead of copying all of the specs for each product into the article, you could link to the specs page for each.

Author profile pictures snafu

After some major upgrades and adjustments to our CMS, we have lost some user profile pictures. If you have uploaded a profile picture after December 21, 2009, we are sorry that these were not backed up, and they will need to be uploaded again.

Profile pictures from before December 21, 2009 were backed up properly and have been restored.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and we will be more careful when upgrades are made in the future, so as to not lose any data or files.

Send us website feedback

The quickest and most efficient way of letting us know any problems/questions/bug reports/feature requests is to use the feedback module you see on most pages in the bottom right corner. Take a look now and see the [+] FEEDBACK button.

We will automatically know which page you are referring to based on the page you submit the feedback form. You can use this anonomously or logged in.

We thank those that have already sent feedback suggestions, and assure you that these are always helpful in one way or another. Please don't hesitate to let us know what is on your mind.

Author Byline correct usage

When submitting an article for review on, your author byline serves as the way to promote your product, service and/or website.

The author byline field appears on the "Create Article" page between the "Body" and "Category" fields:

Author Byline field

You are allowed to format using the wysiwyg editor, but please keep bolding, italics etc. to a minimum.

How to ensure your article is reviewed

If you want to ensure your article is reviewed by Article Yard, please follow this simple step.

When creating an article, on the Create Article page, you will see a section named "Article Workflow" near the bottom of the page. When you are 100% ready to submit your article for review, you need to select the "Review" radio button in the Article Workflow box:

Article Workflow - Review radio button

Article Yard Beta!

Welcome to the all new Beta!

You can sign up for an account, and submit articles during the early stages of the site. Your submissions will be the first few, so expect some delay before they are live.

If you had a previous user account, please register again, as all prior accounts are no longer available.

Please send any feedback/problems/questions you have about the site, to help us launch the site quickly, efficiently, and with as many features as possible to create a great Article Yard experience!

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