7 Postcard Printing And Design Tips For Newbies

Before you get your hands into postcard printing and design, you had better know what you are getting into. As a beginner, you do not want to get in over your head with a new venture.

For newbies out there, here are seven tips that you should know about. Each item below should help guide you in creating a good design as well as in choosing the right options when printing postcards for business or for personal reasons.

1. Know your real and specific intent – For every postcard design you make, you should always know your real intent, and specify it. Nobody prints just because you want to give them out. Typically, people either want to connect to people and build relationships, or maybe do some marketing and get some money out of printing. Make sure that you define this intent for yourself already so that each design element can be tailor made to achieve those specific objectives

2. Know your target readers intimately – Next, try to know your target readers, in a more intimate way, instead of listing to which you would want to give out to. You should know exactly what they want to see in those prints. Even if it is a personal or business postcard, you must always try to give them something that they will be interested in if you want them to really react in a good way. It is important to know your target readers intimately.

3. Always use the best, high-resolution image – When printing, the cover image is one of the most important things that you will be focusing on. That is why it is always crucial to use the best high-resolution image available. Do not use anything from the Internet unless it is high resolution, or you should source your images directly from your digital camera. This helps you prevent those fuzzy and grainy images that typically result with low-resolution pictures.

4. Always print in full color – Nobody likes to get a boring black and white custom postcard these days (unless the greyscale color is deliberate). To bring about the best impact, you should always invest in full color postcard printing. This helps your images look the best that it can be and of course, it helps communicate the real feeling and essence of the image.

5. Avail of the best printing materials from the printer – always avail of the best printing materials to ensure that the outputs will be durable and impressive. Always get the thickest paper material possible and if available have the printer add in special coatings to make it glossy. Having better materials would ensure a more interesting and expensive-looking output. People will keep them longer if they have these great materials.

6. Get the best printer online – Remember that you always take the option to go for online printing these days. Always try to find the best option possible, with a good competitive price and of course a highly reliable reputation. Online postcard printers are the best typically since they are the most convenient to work with, as well as the fastest delivery times. It is good for you to go for online printing if it is possible.

7. Discounts can easily be had if you ask – Also remember that discounts can easily be had if you just ask for it. Many printers offer bulk printing discounts or even special packages that net you lots of money savings and even free stuff. Sometimes all you need to do is ask since sometimes not all of these offers are blatantly visible.

Now, even as a newbie, you can get started with your postcard printing easily.