Article Submission Guidelines

More guidelines can be found here.

  • All articles must be original articles.
  • Do not include unpaid self-serving links in the article.
  • Do not include affiliate marketing links, even if paid.
  • You may include up to two (2) links in the Author Byline only.
  • All contact information should appear only in the Author Byline.
  • Submit your article to one category only. Do not submit the same article more than once. Multiple submissions of the same article (or derivative articles) will not only result in the article being removed, but can also lead to the author being banned.
  • Every article must have an article summary (up to 500 characters). The purpose of the article summary is to give the reader a quick overview of your article. HTML tags are not allowed within the summary. You can only place HTML tags in the body of your article and in the Author Byline.
  • Please add up to 10 highly relevant keywords or phrases separated by a comma. Non-relevant keywords and phrases will be removed.
  • Articles that are advertisements, or appear to be advertisements, will be considered spam and will not be approved for publication.