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Different Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

Our body constantly releases hormones for its proper functioning. At times, these hormonal supplies from the hormone-releasing glands get disturbed. It is very essential for a body to have right amount of hormones in it to function appropriately. Even a slight imbalance can lead to disturbance in different bodily systems. When the hormonal levels in the body deviate from their normal levels, the condition is called hormonal imbalance. Hormones have a heavy effect on an individual's everyday health and well-being.

Yoga Teacher Training – Importance of Feeding Back With Feedback

We do not become yoga teachers just by taking yoga teacher training or getting yoga teaching certification. Being a good yoga teacher is more than knowing the body, postures and giving instructions to students.

An important aspect of a good yoga teacher development program is the implementation of feedback among the teachers. This is an opportunity for each of us to offer suggestions and impressions of one another’s classes. This has sparked some intriguing discussion as to the benefits of feedback, how it works, and what we can learn from it.

What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Many are confused about benefits provided by Medicare and Medicaid, or the basic requirements of eligibility for each. Basically, Medicare was designed to pay for health care services provided to Social Security beneficiaries starting age 65; while Medicaid is controlled by state governments, designed to provide health care coverage for low-income families and individuals.

Get Ripped on High Carbs: An Eight-Point Strategy for Getting Lean without Cutting Carbs

It indeed may sound ludicrous if someone tells that a bodybuilder can get ripped to the bone even while he is eating high carbs.  And more so with the availability of so many low carb diets that scream out loud about shedding weight.  But, yes it is very much possible to shed all the fat and get ripped too by eating high carbs but by strictly adhering to and following the right approach.  Main focus towards reaching one’s goal though, is on muscle maintenance and energy deficits, both of which form an integral part towards a successful bodybuilding diet containing high carboh

Outdoors in Ontario: Know About Ticks and Lyme Disease

There’s an awful lot of “outdoors” in Ontario. And good weather leads to camping, hiking, picnics or even a day at the beach. Just a little bit of preparation will make sure that Lyme disease doesn’t sideline your summer outdoor adventures.

10 Tips To Avoid Hair Loss

In men, male-pattern baldness can begin as early as the mid-teens. Heredity, androgen hormones and aging are the known culprits, although it's not yet known precisely how androgenic hormones affect hair follicles in producing hair loss. Nevertheless, the majority of males will be partly or fully bald by age 60. Hair is a serious matter whether we have it, or we are losing it. Western society puts a lot of emphasis on being bodily thin, but when it comes to our hair, thin is not the word we want to hear!

Reiki healing: Physical and mental effects

Reiki healing has become more and more important for Peoples and they have become more aware of their health these days and have started taking it very seriously. They have started involving themselves in various physical and mental activities like exercising, swimming, cycling, meditating, yoga etc. “Health is wealth” as it is said, and living a healthy and quality life is a key to success.

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