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Creating an Effective about Us Page

An About Us page is the ideal place to showcase your brand online, but you may find that writing one is tougher than it sounds. While they know the strengths, history and accomplishments of their businesses, many entrepreneurs and executives still struggle to put them into words. Writing an effective About Us page is about starting with these core basics and building a page that both communicates about your brand and engages online visitors.

Improve your Article Readership Using an Effective Tag

Have you ever wondered why even some well written articles fail to attract the desired audience? Do you know what goes into making more number of people read your content? Tagging your article with an appropriate word or phrase is the answer. It helps you in effectively showcasing your article and helps readers in easy navigation through the website. Let us understand the different aspects of a tag in this article.

What is a tag?

What Does Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Show Marketers About Going Viral?

Who is Rebecca Black? Just the latest overnight sensation created through the internet hype machine. The 13-year old voice behind the song “Friday”, Black is known the world over as the star of the video that has now been viewed over 65 million times and received more than a million comments. With the type of buzz it generated, to say that the video had viral appeal would be an understatement. Here is the lesson marketers should take from its success:

Video is the Real Deal

Why is it Important to Air on the Side of Caution If Your Email Campaigns Discuss Tragedies?

Apple and Microsoft, two of the biggest technology players in the world, are currently taking heat for what some believe to be an insensitive approach to marketing. You also have other brands that took similar approaches, but got much better results. Microsoft ended up issuing a public apology for its mistake, and this is an example of how important it is to exercise caution when leveraging tragedy in your marketing. If this is the route you choose to travel, there are steps you will need to take in order to come out on top.

Avoid Promotions

Designing Sites For Search Engines And Directories

In terms of Layout, a lot of Web sites are not developed for Optimum Search Engine and directory visibility. Companies or people seem so centered on their personal or corporal images, services and products that they overlook to design their Web sites with Search Engines and Directories in mind. Directories and Search Engines vary in the way they grade your Web site in a Search query.

5 Ways to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

In the online business the art of turning your website visitors into valuable customers is known as conversion and the speed at which websites convert their users into final customers is known as conversion rate. Suppose your website appears on top in the search engine rankings but is not able to generate sales figure, do you think it is of any worth. All the websites aspire to excel the sales figure so, as to increase their revenue. The decision to buy something is affected by various factors whether it is an online transaction or face to face.

Benefits of Custom Web Design over Common Templates

Success of a business depends much upon how its customers perceive it and here comes the need to get a customized web design. The point to be taken care of here is to ensure that you are dealing with a professional company who can replicate your company’s values and business objectives online successfully. Custom website design is a combination of design and web contents which represents your company’s overall image.

5 Tips to a User Friendly Ecommerce Web Design

Design of a website plays an important role to attract more number of visitors to it. An eye catching design of a website insist your visitors to explore more number of pages of the website. And when we talk about the design of an ecommerce site it should reflect the overall image of the company in its first look. An Ecommerce website should be user friendly by giving a good visibility of products through images. Here are five tips by which you can give a user friendly ecommerce design to your website.

18 Reasons To Start an Internet Home Based Business

Just thinking about starting an internet home based business can be intimidating.  But no matter where you are along the planning stages of realizing your vision, whether you are still in the dreamlike stage, or you've already taken serious steps in starting your business, here are 18 reasons which should keep you moving in the right direction.

1   If you currently spend 30 - 60 minutes a day on social networking sites, you have more than enough time to put together and manage your own internet business.

SEO Content – A Beginners Guide

There are many ways that a person can enhance the online presence of their website but the most effective method is to add relevant content. The beauty of this relatively simple process is that almost anyone can do it and actually produce measurable results. Even writing a few paragraphs about your product or services can enhance the way the leading search engines rank your website.

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