Getting More Uses Out of Your Postcards

Want to get more uses out of your custom postcard printing? Well this is the guide for you. In this instructional article, we will go through the different steps that you can take to add in more functionality or uses in your postcard printing. With these extra elements on hand, your postcards will be doing more than just giving people a greeting. They will be primed business marketing prints that really achieve your business goals easily.

1. Place in advertising taglines for marketing – First up, you should of course turn part of your custom postcards into advertising prints. This allows you to turn your postcard into a direct mail advertising tool that goes directly to the people that you want. Do this by placing in advertising taglines for marketing at the cover of your custom postcard itself. This helps your marketing message to be immediately visible, getting an immediate marketing effect on readers.

2. Attach mail-reply postcard forms for immediate feedback/surveys – Have you heard of folded postcards? These are the postcards that basically have an extra page folded over it. You can use this type of postcard as an extension for you to add in more space and extra use for your print. More specifically you can attach mail-reply postcard forms to your custom postcards.

This basically will encourage people to respond with some feedback or even answer a survey for you immediately once they already read and finish your own custom prints. With this, you can do some crucial market research along with basic marketing to help you improve your campaigns in this field.

3. Attach mail in order forms for sales – If you do not want to do market research, you can also re-task that extra fold and attach mail-in order forms instead. This means that you can actually do SALES using your color postcards. With those easy and convenient order forms, your customers can actually just fill out what the information for their order immediately and then of course mail in what they want.

This is especially effective for those special promotional sales transactions where you want people to “buy immediately” before the offer disappears. So if your purpose for postcard printing is actual sales, then you should really attach this feature into your printing layout.

4. Insert public relations spiels for reputation management – At the back of your custom postcards, you can try to do some small public relations by inserting a public relation spiel. Even just a small paragraph or text box that describes your company and its philosophy should easily do the trick. Doing this will help you form a good public image for your firm that should help you get that credibility which will help you do marketing and sales a lot better with your postcards as well. So do not forget to introduce your business and of course try to impress people with those small public relations speaks in your postcards.

5. Add educational/referential information on the back – Finally, you should also consider adding some educational or referential information on the back of your custom postcards. By doing this, you can add some potential value in the postcard itself. People may actually learn from your postcards and they might even want to keep it for reference sake in the future. So why don’t you print a few important facts and tips behind your custom postcards. Believe me, this will do a lot to make your color postcards more valuable and useful for you and for readers as well.

Now you know what you need to do to illicit more uses out of your custom postcards. Believe me, it is a lot more cost-efficient to combine different purposes into one great full color postcard. Good luck!