Giving Your Business Cards Additional Value

Does your business card whisper or holler? If your business cards speak to your potential clients very quietly, then your marketing tool is not doing the job it is supposed to be doing for you.

They might be speaking so softly that your potential clients cannot even hear it, or worse, they do not say much at all. A potential customer would never learn about you, your bestselling product, or even the most excellent service representatives you have in your company.

Your marketing budget for printing business cards gets lost in the wastebasket and your prospects do not get to know the award-winning service you can provide. You end up unknown and a failure.

Indeed, your cards can do more than communicate your most important information of your company and business. More than anything else, your cards can convey who you are and what you can do to your target clients. A dirty, perforated and low quality printed business card therefore is not a good spokesperson for you. A low quality one that looks cheap screams of only one thing – that the company who printed it is an amateur and has no business being in business.

Therefore, no matter how many wonderful and miracle-induced services or products you can offer your target customers, your brand image can only go so far with a low quality and unprofessional marketing tool. However, clean, creative and professionally designed and printed marketing tool can definitely give you that first impression that can last long after the initial meeting is finished.

So how do you add shrewdness and professionalism to your otherwise bland and unimpressive business card? One strategy is to add text that is market-oriented in addition to the usual contact information placed in your card.

You have to remember that it is first and foremost a marketing tool. As a marketing tool, it should be able to work to promote your business so that your target clients will remember and recognize your brand image. Hence, your business card should be able to tell people how good you are and how easy it is to be in business with you. By adding text that communicates a marketing message can go a long way in getting your business the success you want to achieve.

Text such as “Coupons accepted,” or “No appointment needed,” makes it simple for your target clients to recognize that business with you is trouble-free – easy to pay, easy to make an appointment with, easy to purchase – everything is easy.

So add a tagline and a slogan - a marketing text that tells your target clients how simple and effective it is to contact you. Your card will be more than just a piece of paper with your contact information, but more than anything else, an effective marketing tool that convinces your prospects and customers to ask for your business.