How Joel DiMaggio Saved His Home from Foreclosure

Like most other Americans, it was Joel’s dream to own his own house and when it did happen four years ago, it was the greatest joy he could have experienced. His dream was a reality and there was nothing that could dampen his spirits in his new house.


Unfortunately though, just like a lot of other homeowners in the U.S., Joel ended up being on the wrong side of a downward spiraling economy. First, he lost his job which he held for more than 10 years. Although Joel was lucky enough to find another job within a span of two months, the pay was nowhere near his previous job which meant Joel had to minimize his household expenses to adjust to his new lower income. With a new baby on the way, this became even more difficult as he realized his expenses would only go up.


While Joel managed to cut down on a lot of monthly expenses, he soon realized that he had to make a choice. Either meet his household budget or make his monthly mortgage payments. It was impossible to manage both. Soon enough, Joel defaulted on his mortgage which brought his bank to his doorstep with initial warnings regarding the overdue payments. It was quite clear to him by now that he would lose his home to foreclosure if things remained the same.


Of course Joel was not the kind who would just give up and hence he made a resolution that he would do everything possible to save his home and make sure his new baby would have a house to call its own. So the first thing he thought was to apply for a loan modification. However, the problem was he had absolutely no clue how to go about doing this, how to negotiate with the bank, what documents are required etc. Hence he did the obvious which was to approach loan modification companies who would help him out with the entire process while he could concentrate on other things.


Unfortunately this approach ended up coming as a rude shock to him. At first he could not believe how much money these companies or attorneys were asking in upfront payment just to get started on a loan modification. In fact, if he had the thousands of dollars these companies were requesting upfront, he would not be in a financial mess in the first place. On top of that, there was no guarantee whether the loan modification application would be accepted by the bank. It seemed too much of a risk to him to pay someone upfront. Besides this of course, he got discouraged by reading about the number of scams in the loan modification industry where companies promise you the moon just to get your upfront payment, only to not do any work after that.


When he realized going through a loan modification company was not an option, he researched handling the entire process himself. Since time was running out, he immediately purchased a loan modification guide and started reading through it. However, there were a lot of things in the guide that ended up being incomplete or there were chapters which required more explanation but Joel could not get any help and he found himself at a dead end once again.


Although Joel was highly discouraged by this, the good thing was he had a never say die attitude. He thought about the entire experience, what he needed to do, what he had learned so far and immediately went online and searched for “loan modification guide with free unlimited phone support”. He knew he could modify his loan on his own but at the same time he wanted help if he needed it. Hence, he wanted a guide which would not just teach him how to successfully get his loan modified but would also back it up by providing free unlimited phone support so that he could get help whenever he wanted. To him, this was as good as going through a loan modification company, only without the huge costs involved.


Fortunately for Joel, he found exactly what he needed. He located a guide which not only provided him free unlimited phone support, but they provided him with all the documents he would require, even reviewed the completed documents free of cost so that there were no mistakes in the application. In addition, the guide even walked him though how to talk to his bank to get the best possible interest rate. The guide covered every area related to loan modifications to assist homeowners in how they can successfully modify their own mortgage loan. It has been a couple months now since Joel used this guide to get his loan modified. His never give up attitude made sure he saved his home from foreclosure and at the same time received a mortgage payment he could truly afford. Thankfully Joel’s dream lives on and is still a reality. Hopefully millions of Americans struggling with their mortgage right now will be able to get their loans modified and save their home as well.