How to Effectively Distribute Your Holiday Brochures

Let me help you go all out with your holiday brochure distribution. Your holiday brochure printing will not really be that worth it if you do not spread your brochures effectively to that prime for the picking holiday market of course. You will need more than the usual tricks in deploying your brochures if you want to gain those extra benefits and sale this holiday season. So listen well and try to apply these tips to easily go all out with your holiday brochure distribution.

a. Setup holiday racks – First things first, try to setup some holiday brochure racks in your shop, outside your shop and any other area that you have direct control over. This establishes your main avenue of distribution. Those color brochure racks of course should be positioned where most people pass through your area. Make sure that the rack is brightly colored so people can immediately see it stand out. This should help attract people in picking up those color brochures from your racks.

b. Distribute to residential buildings – Next, you can then invest in some free footwork from you or from your staff and distribute your color brochures to many different residential buildings. This especially works well for large high rise type apartment buildings where you can just slip in the brochures at the mailboxes of the apartments downstairs. Also sometimes, you can also try out leaving the brochures at the door guard or at the reception desk. They usually won’t mind having those brochures in the reception desk as long as you ask nicely and promise to pick it up any ones left once they are outdated.

c. ATM kiosks and other “money spots” – Now, you should know that during the holidays, people are always going to banks and other sources of finances for that shopping rush. That is why it is good to always leave your color brochures near ATM kiosks and other money spots. By doing this, your color brochures will have a high chance of being read by those withdrawing money, giving you a good chance of making a sale with those custom brochures.

d. Windshield distribution at shopping areas – Since you do know that those people will be shopping a lot this holiday season, one of the best and most effective areas to distribute your advertising brochures is the parking lot of shopping areas. With the shopping area’s permission, you can just slide in your brochures at the windshields of cars at the mall parking lot. Just like a flyer, those custom brochures should easily be noticed by the driver of the vehicle and of course be immediately read by them. This gives you a high chance of getting your custom brochures read more, because you can get an assured reader per brochure as long as you put one on each windshield.

e. Add a small freebie – Finally, one of the best and most effective kind of holiday brochure distribution tricks there is, is to basically give a freebie to anyone for them to read your brochures. Even with one piece of candy or chocolate, people will always immediately respond to free food. By giving those away along with one custom brochure, people will be more encouraged to pick up your prints just because they want a piece of that special food. Your whole pile of brochures should be gone in no time at all really.

Now you know how to really go all out with your holiday distribution of color brochures. Try to use one or all of these tricks for your campaign.