The Importance of Spaces in Color Brochures

Do you think about the spaces that come in your brochure printing design? Not many people actually pay attention to the role of spaces in color brochure printing, but they do play an important part in an efficiency and beautiful printing layout.

Let me explain to you the role of spaces in color brochures in this simple guide. Spaces have four major roles that you should know about.

1. Provide a sense of professional cleanliness and order – The empty spaces in provide that sense of professional cleanliness and order. If you look at a cheap and cluttered copy, you will understand this. Imagine a brochure that is crammed to its margins with content. Also, add to that a background that is textured with varying colors and shapes. All those elements combined will provide little space and breathing room for the eyes. The custom brochures will look much cluttered and it will be hard for some readers to make sense of the layout without spaces.

If you add some empty spaces in your layout this all changes. Things will be less crowded and readers will have some empty space to rest their eyes. The output will look cleaner and more orderly. So do not cram everything in a layout for your color brochures, make some space.

2. Helps divide sections without using dividers – Another important role of empty spaces in color brochure printing is to help divide different sections without using dividers. If you look at most common designs today, you will discover that they use only a minimal amount of dividers and other extra design elements. This is because less is more is the name of the game in brochure designs. Empty spaces will help achieve this look by helping divide sections. With just a little ample space between paragraphs, you can easily establish a break of a section and the start of a new one without adding more design junk.

3. Provides an area for the background to come out – Of course, another good thing about empty spaces is that it provides areas where the background can be seen. This is especially useful if our background was especially made for a great design effect. For example, if your background is that of a person or a place, adding empty spaces at key locations can help emphasize those backgrounds without any other element getting in the way. So when you have a complicated background, do not hesitate to give way and add empty spaces for it.

4. Gives printers breathing room for printing and cutting – Extra spaces on the layout also has the important role of giving printers breading room for printing and cutting. This can be commonly called the printing bleed. If your design crosses the main margins, it is good to have extra spaces around the dimensions so that the design element can extend a bit for proper cutting. Just add around 1/4 inch of extra printing bleed and you can pull this off. This is a very important role for empty spaces so remember this.

Great! Now the role of spaces should be clear for you. Do not dismiss empty spaces as just nothing. Effective use of the can help with the appearance and impact of your color brochures. So make sure you try to use them wisely.