A Layman Catalog Design and Printing Tutorial

If you have been thrust into the world of catalog printing without any knowledge about it, do not worry this article has been created to help you through it. We cannot all be experts in catalog printing.

However, you can at least get a grasp of some crucial concepts and strategies to be able to do well.

Therefore, in this tutorial let me teach you how to create a color catalog design and how to print it in the best way that you can.

How do I create a design?

Catalog designs can be done easily through templates. Templates are simple document files that have all the major margin adjustments layout parameters and design settings needed to create a nice and very printable output. Use these tools to help you jumpstart your design and get the customized details up and running for you. You do not have to be an expert layout artist to do this.

What do I put in my catalogs?

Now, in terms of content there are three main elements you should know that would make your complete.

• Images – Product images are the mainstay of any kind of catalog printing. It is how you sell stuff with catalogs, and each product must have at least one major image. Make sure that you compose each image correctly, displaying the best aspects of a product.

• Text specifications – The full specifications or details of each product must be. This is for the benefit of the meticulous consumer who wants to know all the important details of things before buying. Make your descriptions as precise as possible to make your catalogs as good as possible.

• Ordering details – Finally, do not forget to place ordering details and instructions in almost every page. You must make it easy for people to decide to order your products. Clear and simple instructions on what to pick up, what number to call or what website to go to should always be visible in most of the pages.

What are the best tools for catalog printing?

The best tool is a desktop publishing application. While I do recommend good but expensive software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel or even Quark Xpress, you can of course opt for simpler and cheaper software like word processors. Make no mistake though that your draft must be digital since it is the best format to print nowadays.

How should I print?

I recommend that you print online. Not only will this save you time in terms of delivery, it also might be the way to get a cheap price. So try to see if there are a few online printing services that are perfect for you. It will be easier than going to the printers themselves.

Great! Hopefully this tutorial has helped you a lot in doing your catalog printing. Good Luck!