Marketing for New Products - The Follow Up

All marketing typically works in stages, but this is even truer for marketing a new product. From the first inception of the product to its eventual release, you need to have specific marketing plans laid out to garner the best results.

This is just as true for the follow up marketing after the product has been released. Eventually the boost of marketing that came with the product hitting the streets will start to fade and your product is going to become just another in a long list of products you carry. However, if you allow it to fade quickly into obscurity you will be doing your first marketing efforts an extreme disservice.

The best kinds of follow up marketing involving building on whatever the original success was of the initial release, and turning that into the major selling point.

Was there a lot of excitement surrounding the product’s release? Why not get some postcard printing done focusing on that very point. I think movies are a good thing to look at right here.

What happens after a movie is release? They start up new ads mentioning that a movie was number one in the country that weekend, or maybe it was the number one comedy. They start taking snippets from reviews of the movie in order to emphasize it even more. They say things like, “Come see the movie that everyone is talking about.”

They build on that first success in order to draw in more people. They point out that this was a popular movie, and so why would a person not want to see what the excitement is all about?

This is what your postcard printing needs to be focused on. Find every strength you can from your product release and use that to bring in even more people than before. Turn your product release into a much longer promotional event rather than a onetime thing.

To do this you need to have your follow up marketing already planned out to an extent well before you actually release your product. Let us face it, good marketing can take quite a while to develop. In addition, time might cause something that would lose the air of excitement around your product.

Therefore, you must design ahead of time with a few key phrases missing that you add in once the product has hit the shelves. Now you can quickly fill in the blanks, take care of the printing, and get those advertisements out to your customers as fast as possible.

Strong marketing for a new product is a package deal that involves a lot more than just a single marketing push. You need to be sure that you are ready for every stage of your marketing, or else you will not be able to create the best kind of marketing push for your new products.