My 5 Secrets to Creating More Passive Income Next Year

This year has been truly amazing! I got to help hundreds of people in creating their passive streams of income. And in the process I discovered how ANYONE can add more passive income to their lives — regardless of how busy you are, how much money you’re making right now, or how long you’ve been in business.

I go into much more detail in my Recurring Revenue System, but today I am going to share with you my top 5 secrets for creating passive income streams any time you want, so you could have more free time and less stress, and stop relying on your clients to stay in business.

  • #1: Productize

When you work with clients, it may seem challenging at times to deliver the same quality and insight in your products (ebooks, home-study courses, videos, etc.). Although you can’t give feedback and personalized attention inside your products, you can share what you KNOW about your subject and the LESSONS you learned while working with clients. In other words, productize what you KNOW and not what you DO.

  • #2. Keep it simple

There’s lots of ways to create and market your passive income streams, and you may find yourself completely overwhelmed and paralyzed. It’s like having hundreds of TV channels and flipping through them for an hour, never actually watching a complete movie! So what’s worked great for me is stripping my idea down to a minimum (features, content, technology, etc.) and focusing on launching it in 30-60 days. Remove all obstacles, simplify, and just create it!

  • #3: Repurpose

Not a new concept, but I think that most people still don’t do it. Here’s an example of the ultimate repurposing I use to create new passive income streams in my business:

  • Teleseminar: record, transcribe, polish, turn into $97 audio program with a workbook.
  • Group coaching: record, transcribe, extract Q&A from the online group forum, turn into a $497 home-study program.
  • Newsletter: polish, organize, turn into a $29.95 a month micro-continuity program.
  • Coaching sessions: record, review, summarize, turn into written content to be used in future products and programs!

These are just a few examples, but I am sure you can think of more!

  • #4: Focus on creating more free time

Do you take pride in being busy? Or does your heart sing “joy” when your calendar looks clear? I’ve always focused on creating as much free time as possible, and that’s been my guide and filter for making my business decisions. To successfully create passive income streams, free time must become one of your TOP priorities and values on your list.

  • #5: Think “recurring”

When I get an idea for a product or a program, I usually focus on creating on a monthly recurring income stream. Sure, I could just punch out an e-book or a class, but with a little more creativity I could turn the same idea into an income stream that will last for months (or years!).

It is THIS “recurring” mindset that allows me to enjoy so much passive income, that I can slow down, finish my book, and not feel the pressure to “produce.”

If you want to create more passive income next year, join me as I take you step by step in creating your very own passive “recurring” income machine.

You’ll get started as SOON as you enroll:

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