Online Data Storage - A 21st century Answer to data corruption

Online data storage services are generally hosted by third parties. It is storing of data at the server end i.e., creating cloud backup of data. The data is stored off-site and user can retrieve it when required. The storage and protection of data is intrinsic to object storage architecture. Online file backup is generally based on virtualized infrastructure.

Endpoint Vault provides a cloud based online data storage services. It is a secure technology for creating online file backup of data and also eases the user interaction with his data when required. Endpoint Vault is specialized in data recovery and cloud backup services. Endpoint Vault uses cloud technology as the storage medium and guards your data 24X7. It creates cloud backup of data using efficient mechanisms like data de-duplication, various file formats support, etc.

Features of Online Data Storage:

1)  Support of various file formats: - Supports almost all commonly known file formats. It supports all the image files, PDFs, emails and Microsoft Office documents. Thus, the user has the facility of storing any kind of data he wants.

2)  Data De-Duplication Strategy: - This technology focuses on online data storage and aims at least storage space waste. It uses data de-duplication technique. In data de-duplication, only one instance of the data is stored and if any redundant copy of data is found, it is discarded making a reference pointer to the previously stored copy of the data. Data de-duplication saves the storage space and ultimately the extra expenses incurred on it by eliminating the repeating strands of data. 

3)  Resource Management: - The online file backup service provided by does not over burdens the user’s resources. It manages the CPU and bandwidth utilization in an optimized manner ensuring that no throttling is done to such resources.

4)  Proper Monitoring of Server: - The data centers under Endpoint Vault are always under proper monitoring and surveillance. Immediate necessary actions are taken when any issue is found.

Online data storage has become critical for every organization and to sustain the highly complex nature it has become imperative to have a smart backup strategy, cloud storage is the solution and is the answer for data corruption. Amazon AWS, Microsoft, Google are some of the name via which you can store your critical data in cloud.