Selling Your Experience with Booklets

Experience is just as much a commodity as any other item you might sell. Each time someone hires you out to perform a service, what they are really hiring is your expertise in your field.

Now, I have seen several different people who have made sure to focus on the years of experience they have when they get advertisements done, but most of this has to do with them saying they are experienced rather than showing it. They will mention how many years they have been in business, which is good, but does that prove beyond any doubt that a person knows their job? Sorry, but I have met people before who have ample years under their belt but still are not very good at what they do.

So what can you do? How can you prove you know what it takes to do your job?

Booklet printing is at least one of the solutions. A booklet provides you with the chance to explain what it is that you do and how you go about doing it. This allows you the time to just talk about yourself and let your experience shine through.

The main hitch is that the everyday person is not always going to want to bother with reading something like this. They are busy and so they are only going to be able to devote so much of their attention to something like an advertisement.

This just means you cannot use booklet printing for every situation. I am not suggesting that you stop creating other advertisements talking about your experience in more general terms, but booklets do allow you to start creating a strong name for yourself.

Consider this: if you know of specific stores or areas your clients will likely go, see if you can have a stack of your booklets somewhere in the area. In the booklet just discuss some of the finer details of your industry in an educational way. Make sure that whoever is reading it will be able to learn something from you.

Now you are making your name more prominent along with showing people that you know what you are doing. When they are casually looking around they will be more likely to take interest in your booklets, and because it can actually teach them about something, you have given them a strong reason to read it.

You have to be a little more creative when it comes to advertising experience. Find places where you might be able to give speeches on your field, and once again have booklets ready to hand around when the speech is over.

It might not seem a lot like marketing when all you are doing is telling people about your field, but what you’re really doing is showing them what you know, and proving you have a firm grasp of your profession. Sometimes that is the best marketing you can do.