commercial printing

Fundamentals Of Good Poster Design

Posters are such a popular kind of commercial printing material. There are even regular poster-making competitions that are held in all kinds of levels.

This is because good poster design is such an important factor in determining how effective a poster will be in the real world, and one of the traits a good entrepreneur should have is the keen eye for poster design and layout. For the non-experts out there, here are some fundamental considerations that must be kept in mind whenever you have some posters commercially printed.

The Old Way of Commercial Printing

Modern technology has not given way to better quality commercial printing outputs but also fast and efficient service. About 20 or so years ago, when you go to a commercial printer they usually only had letterpress machines and one-color offset machines. The letterpress printed those one-color jobs like receipts, manuals, inside pages of textbooks, or company newsletters. The offset machines are the ones taking care of colored printing.

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