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Divorce: Don’t ask Why?

In life, I have come to accept the fact that there are questions of mine that will never be answered to my satisfaction if at all.  I have come to accept the fact that some things in life are beyond my comprehension and I must trust or have faith that certain occurrences are indeed outside the realm of human reason.  I have also come to see how these acts of acceptance with their attendant faith about life are concepts that apply to learning how to let go and move on after your divorce.

Was Your Divorce a Means to Healing Old Baggage?

Here’s a fascinating take on divorce that I find more true than not:  We choose our spouses, usually subconsciously, as a means to healing old emotional wounds we have been carrying around our entire life.  Our divorce then becomes the wakeup call to clean up that mental baggage we have been lugging around once and for all which in turn allows us to become the person we were always meant to be!

Are Your Beliefs Setting You Up for Unhappiness?

Each of us holds core beliefs about life. These belief systems have an incredible impact on our ability to be happy in life because they have a tendency to create expectations that all too often leave us feeling disappointed, resentful or angry. By uncovering these core beliefs, many of them sub-conscious, we can examine their validity and thereby save ourselves from much self-imposed unhappiness.

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