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Does Personal Investment Bring Business Success?

I’ve been in conflict this week. Big time. I’m hiring a new online marketing coach and because my previous multiple-experiences with online coaches have woefully under-delivered, I don’t want to let my past experiences taint the entire industry.

But there’s a further challenge … I’m out there in the online market place too. I’m offering products that I passionately believe will make a difference. And if others have had the same experience of feeling ‘duped’ as I have, how can they decide whether I’m a expert worth trusting?

Everything is Energy

I’ve been reading this amazing book –  The Wave, by  Susan Casey. I’m gripped! It’s research into understanding ocean waves, from regular moon pulling currents, to random, ship-splitting, gargantuan rogue waves. And about how surfers use and interact with the ocean, especially now there’s a $500,000.00 price tag out there from Billabong (world’s no. 1 surf brand) for the first person (or nutter!) to surf a 100ft wave.

CEO Coaching – Leading with Soul

I had the honor of talking with one of the world’s most successful team and leadership coaches this morning. Her recent achievements are off the scale of most independent entrepreneurs I know. We got into a conversation about the future of corporates as we know them and what is required of the leadership to enable them to continue to be cutting edge with awareness in an increasingly changing market place across all industries – cars, property, finance, media, IT, clothing, food production, retailing … everything!

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