notepad printing

5 Steps to Prepare a Notepad Draft for Printing

Let us get your notepad draft ready for full scale notepad printing. There are five important steps that you will need to know to properly set your draft for printing. I will list down all these steps for you and explain why they matter for notepad printing. Remember each step and of course try to do it for your own color notepads. This will help a lot to improve the end result of your notepad printing.

What Are You Giving Away?

If you go to a convention you are likely going to walk away with some free items for your time. In fact, I would say I am expecting to get something free, and literally plan for it.

Take pad printing as an example of this. So often, a company gets notepads printed for a free give away. There is no reason not to given the helpful nature of a free item like this. Most notepads are kept on a person’s desk, meaning your company name is always going to be close to them and easy for them to see when they are going to need it.

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