The Most Common Brochure Marketing Approaches

What I can guarantee for you, about brochure samples that you can get from the Internet is that they do NOT teach you about some brochure marketing approaches. As you should know, in brochure printing, you cannot just flatly out state your marketing messages. For that brochure printing to succeed, there must be a kind of approach or “angle” that lets you smoothen the way for readers to understand your marketing content.  If you do not have this kind of specific approach with your color brochures, you might find your content become a little plain and simple for your market.

So let me teach you about some common brochure marketing approaches and the reviews on how effective or terrible they are. Just follow the items below and see what looks best for your brochure samples.

1. The reference/guide approach – One of the most basic marketing approaches for color brochures is the reference or guide approach. Just like travel brochures, these are the types of brochures that actually “teach” readers something that is important or useful for them. This is one of the most successful kinds of brochure marketing approaches because readers actually find some REAL value in reading the print. If you are new to brochure printing, this is one of the best marketing approaches that you should try out.

2. The solution approach – You can also go for the solution approach to your brochure marketing. This involves connecting with your readers about some of their concerns or problems and then offering them YOUR solution.

This means that you will first be sympathizing with the problems your reader is having and then slowly introducing YOUR product or service as a solution. This works very well in targeting your real and immediate potential customers since you will be attracting the most responsive readers with this approach. Care must be taken though as sometimes this approach can be much too salesman like.
3. The authority approach – Another approach that you can explore is the authority approach. In this special approach you will basically advertise yourself as an authority or guru of the field you are in. You basically flaunt some REAL credentials to them to prove that you are an expert at your industry.

You then tell them why your product or solution is the best thing that can happen to them based on your own experience and expertise. Done well, you can easily illicit trust on you and your product, getting you sales. Of course, keep in mind that you can also hire an third party expert to endorse this message.

4. The testimonial approach – Testimonials are very effective at convincing people that a marketing message is trustworthy. You can use this as a primary angle for your brochure printing, wherein you insert lots of REAL testimonials for people to read and judge. Inserting actual pictures of people and their locations is of course needed to confirm the authenticity of these testimonials.

Take note though that you must always print out REAL testimonials with un-edited comments. Overly commercialized testimonials typically do not earn trust from readers. So this is typically used only as a supplemental brochure marketing scheme and not the main approach to the campaign.

5. The gallery approach – Finally, there is this special approach wherein you let the images do all the talking. If you have a particularly beautiful or good looking product or service then you can just let its appearance speak for itself. Many people judge products immediately because of its design and look and by putting up those images in your color brochures, you can hook them easily enough. This has proven to be successful in a lot of campaigns. However, the images of course should be professionally made.

Great! What kind of approach do you think is best for you? Try out some of these great angles for your brochure printing efforts.