Things I Never Cheat On in Poster Printing

While there are a lot of things I “cheat” on to make poster printing more affordable and easier to produce, there are a few things that I will do by the book.

Especially when poster printing online, I like to keep a few aspects quite constant to assure myself of quality output. If you are tempted to cheat on a few details of your posters to get better printing quotations, you should know first a few of the things you should not touch. In my experience, you should not cheat on four main factors.

• The images – Of course, the main element of a color poster is its images. Never try to cheat on your images by using stock photos from the Internet with low web based resolutions. A lot of amateur designers use web images for their designs and it often leads to bad posters with fuzzy or distorted graphics. That is why I always try to create my own images by taking photographs or drawing, scanning and then editing my own graphics. This not only makes them more original, but it also gives me a chance to place color images that are always clean, crisp and clear.

• The materials – You should also try to take note that cheating in materials leads to bad output in the long run. Using cheap but weak materials means that a little rain, a little dirt or just that normal wear and tear will severely take its toll on the poster's overall look. Your output will look old and tattered within a few days time if you choose to cheat and use weak materials. That is why I do not particularly use the cheapest option. I try to spend as much as possible on the materials for printing so that it can be the best and most durable as possible.

• The printing process – On the printing of the posters themselves, it is also important not to cheat on the printing options. You might be tempted to not use those special coatings such as moisture protection or even something as simple as hole cutting for easier poster placement. However, spending on a little money for these elements can give you a really easy time. The coatings will make your ads last a longer time, while hole cutting will help you post them quite easily. Do not think of them as a marketing scheme to get extra sales. These truly important tasks can improve the look and feel of your designs. So never cheat and go for cheap printing process if you can manage to do something better.

• The deployment – Finally, in terms of deployment some people cheat by just posting randomly on public areas. While this may have a limited effect, you run the risk of offending some establishments by just posting them without any permission or announcement. Moreover, you are not effectively reaching your audience by posting them randomly. So stop being lazy and stop cheating on your distribution. The best way is to post them on the locations where your target market gathers. Ask permission if you can post on a particular area and then go for deployment. It might take some time but at least your ads can be displayed without trouble and without the risks inherent in just cheating on your distribution.

Hopefully, this gives you a nice warning on what not to cheat on in poster printing for promotions. There are some things you should never sacrifice on to ensure your advertising campaign success.