What Does Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Show Marketers About Going Viral?

Who is Rebecca Black? Just the latest overnight sensation created through the internet hype machine. The 13-year old voice behind the song “Friday”, Black is known the world over as the star of the video that has now been viewed over 65 million times and received more than a million comments. With the type of buzz it generated, to say that the video had viral appeal would be an understatement. Here is the lesson marketers should take from its success:

Video is the Real Deal

The song Friday was made famous by one of the most powerful and engaging mediums today - video. Whether or not the track would’ve made the same impact had it been released in an audio format is questionable and frankly, unlikely. Its engagement quality not only speaks to the power of the video medium, but also the strength and reach of YouTube, hands down the biggest thing in the online video channel. If you can envision it fitting, then video should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy. Whether it’s through YouTube or your own website, video can help you convey the message to your audience in a more engaging way.

Quality is Everything

You probably already know this, but it takes a little more than publishing a video on YouTube, and promoting it through the hottest social networks to create a viral affect. While you can’t
predict whether word of mouth will carry your message to the masses, you do have the power to make it as engaging and appealing as possible. The main reason Friday was such a hit is because the imagery and lyrics relayed something viewers could relate to. If your content is to make a viral impact, it must do the same. Whether it’s a video or a newsletter, it should lend itself to being valuable or otherwise useful enough to warrant spreading the word. 

Keeping Up with the Times is a Must

Friday may not be your cup of tea, but its rapid climb to stardom is nothing short of impressive no matter how you look at it. The video’s success is an example of how important it is to keep up with evolving trends. Right now, video and social media are all the rage in the internet world. And to no surprise, both played an integral role in the Rebecca Back video going viral. Maybe you have already created a presence for your brand in the online space, maybe you’re just getting started. In either case, you need to start considering how the emerging trends can enhance your marketing efforts. Ignore them, and you just might get trampled over by the competition.

Thanks to the reach of the internet, things are going quite well for Rebecca Black. The youngster has already toured the talk show circuit and is set to become the latest teen music pop star. Your content may not get millions of plays, but with a sound game plan, you could be the next superstar in your market!