5 Things You Should Know in Printing Business Cards

Before you spend on business card printing, it is good to take stock first and see if you really know everything about printing business cards.

While you may have read some design suggestions and probably browsed through a lot of templates, there is more to it than just that. In this little article, I will give you five important things you should know. These are the little facts no one will probably tell you outright.

1. You are your business card – After browsing a lot of designs out there, you might get a little confused as to what design to use. With a myriad of interesting options out there, picking the right one for yourself might seem hard. The key in deciding is to be yourself.

You are your business card so choose the one that represents you. Do not listen to those advertisements that want you to spend money on professionally designed cards that do not really represent yourself. As long as you choose a design that embodies your professional image and your company’s image as well, you have your design.

2. Quality is not always the determining factor – Also, do not believe in the idea that expensive and high quality will always be the top dog in business. There is no truth to that. People do not just judge color business cards by their quality. They also judge them by the design, and by the information contained within. Therefore, you do not have to spend more than necessary. As long as the design is good and the printing is something you can afford, you are doing well.

3. You can be creative – You should also know that you could be creative. You do not have to be limited by templates and corporate themes. Nowadays, the wilder and more memorable it is the better. So release your imagination and be creative with your cards.

4. Updating is necessary – It may also be good for you to know that updating is a must. Do not just use the same card year in and year out. Change your designs yearly so that you can update your information and update your design to something fresher. This keeps you more competitive with better looking contemporary ones while at the same time keeping your contacts updated with your most up to date contact information.

5. Always have one big selling factor – Finally, all color business cards must have one big selling factor. This can be a weird symbol, an interesting slogan, special metallic inks, special paper materials or any other memorable feature. As long as there is something unusual and original, people will remember it and you will be remembered as well. You will sell yourself better this way.

Great! Hopefully all these facts mentioned above would give you a better idea of how you should manage your business card printing and design. Good Luck!