The Bold Strategies in Marketing Brochures

In the competitive world of brochure printing, you have to be bold. It is not enough to print brochures with frail hopes of people noticing it. You need to have real and workable strategies.

These strategies must help you captures people's attentions and truly help you with your business or project goals. You have to be bold about this to be successful. To help you out, here is my “BOLD” strategy for you in marketing brochures. This might be useful to achieve your own kind of success in brochure printing and design.

B – Be unique

The first part of this strategy is to be unique. Being unique and original is important simply because it sets you apart from the rest. If you have gone through malls, airports and other public places, you should realize that all color brochures would almost all look alike. That is why most people do not even remember the brochures they casually encounter.

If you are unique with your design however, the situation is very different. Using things like interesting colors (neon green or bloody red anyone?), or special printing effects (like holes, glitters, metallic print inks) can make your ad become that little gem, or that odd man out within the pile of common ones. If this happens, the first and probably the only ad that will be remembered from that pile are yours. The unique and original one. So make sure you make unique brochure designs.

O – Open to all readers

The second part of this strategy is to be open to all readers. Many fail because they talk too much as if the readers should know already what most of them are talking about. There might be too much technical lingo about the product or service, or the language might just be too sophisticated or boorish for other people's taste. This limits your potential readership.

Therefore, it is crucial that you be open to all people who will read your advertising tool. You must define all technical words and details so that novices can understand what it is your color brochures are talking about. Moreover, using a simple style and language can help you reach all classes (and creeds) not alienating any kind of reader in the process. This is a sure way to get almost anyone to read and understand your ad.

L – Light and easy layout

The third part of this strategy is the layout. Since it should be a quick and easy read for most people, the layout must be straightforward. You do not need complex designs that have the reader changing their viewing angle, or hunting for meaning on the different panels. It is best to have a sectional layout with each major concept discussed below subheadings. Lists and outlines are also good to make reading a breeze. People will understand more about what you are saying when this is done.

D – Definite printing options

The last part of this strategy is in regards to printing. You must have definite printing options that compliment the message of your brochure. In terms of folds for example, a standard tri-fold brochure should always be a good choice, but if your brochure content has a map in it, then a French fold might be best. On the issue of printing quality on the other hand, simple information brochures might do well with black and white printing to save on costs, while advertising and marketing brochures should always be done in full color with the best quality paper.

Definite and functional printing options make the brochures quite effective and of course, it lets you manage your budget for brochure printing a little bit better. These are our “BOLD” strategies. Try this technique out and you will see better results.