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Setting Up Your Classroom

Have you ever wondered if your students would learn more if you just moved your classroom around? Does the location of your student’s desks really make a difference? The answer to both of those questions is yes – sort of.  The way you divide and organize your classroom can have an impact on how much attention your students give you and their lessons, and of course what they ultimately learn.  Organize your classroom in the wrong manner and your children’s attention may be divided in a way that is not conducive to what you are trying to teach.

Your Guide to Bathroom Planning and Design

This bathroom planning guide aims at providing you with bathroom design ideas useful in planning a bath space, dressing area or cloakroom. You may be planning a revamp of your old bathroom or doing it from scratch, these are some basic points you may like to sponder upon. Let’s start with the basic questions,

i) What is the area of the bathroom?

ii) Who will use it? Children, guests, you, two people or the whole family?

iii) What are the fixtures you would like to install?

(Shower cubicle, jets, tub, vanity etc)

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