How to Have Simple but Powerful Posters

A poster is a very important marketing tool that you can have in your marketing arsenal. Posters are effective way to grab your target customers’ attention and communicate your message.

With such marketing tool, you can attract a large number of viewers as opposed to that of brochures and flyers, which you hand out to one person at a time. However, poster printing and designing can be challenging at times. Often, we try to include as many elements and too much information just because we believe that it can make our custom poster more visually attractive.

On the contrary, it makes for an eyesore and adds to chances that the unnecessary elements distract your target clients.

So before designing your poster printing, spend time planning well ahead your printing schedule, and lay out ideas and concepts that can make it easier for your target audience to understand your main message right away.

Here are some suggestions to make your posters simple and yet very powerful:

1- Write down everything you want to have in it. What do you want to say? What pictures would move your audience? Just keep in mind to consider your target audience when thinking about the elements.

2- Emphasize your most important element – your message. In addition, be sure to draw attention to it by having your other elements lead to your message.

3- Be credible and motivating. Give your target audience a message that is sincere and realistic. Do not overindulge in promises you cannot very well keep. Provide them only with what you can give them.

4- Use text elements that draw attention to your message. Make sure that your elements make your message crystal clear and interesting. Text size, font style, color – no matter the component, you have to ensure that these things will contribute greatly to the enhancement of your message and not to distract your target audience.

5- Use a template. It is the safest and simplest way to your poster printing. Not only can you save on your costs, but you also ensure that you provide your printing company with the correct format that they can reproduce for your print order.

6- Avoid using irrelevant and unnecessary information and details to your poster. Do not create such a ruckus that would distract your target audience. You only have less than 3 seconds to engage their attention to your message. Keep it clear and simple.

7- Do not forget to put all the important information to support your message.

8- Spell check and proof read as many times as possible. Have someone else proof read for you. You might miss an error or two from editing too many times.