How Often Do You Evaluate Your Marketing?

When was the last time you completely stepped back to take a look at your marketing and judged just how successful it is?

The things that I've noticed is that for many different companies once they get into their marketing routine they stop really paying attention to it. They define exactly what they're going to do in order to appeal to people and that becomes the end of it. This is their marketing campaign and that's all their marketing contains.

If they aren't using a particular type of marketing already than they don't bother to try using it. Why should they? They've already decided what their marketing is, and that's it.

Only new companies just starting out need to focus on what their marketing is going to contain. Once you have your marketing system set up what point is there in looking at it again?

That's the very mentality that leads to marketing becoming stagnant. Even if your marketing is still working, is it working as well as it could be? Is it providing your company with the amount of business that you really need to keep growing and keep doing better?

The second you decide that you've done all you need to with your marketing is the exact moment that your marketing starts to falter. This is why you need to take your marketing and seriously look at what you've been doing compared to what everyone else is doing.

What is your competition up to? Are they using booklet printing while you're choosing not to? And what kind of success have they had with that booklet printing? Are you using postcards or putting up posters, and is this the best way to get business?

Are your images exactly what you need to appeal to people or are you only appealing to a fraction of the people who you could be?

How exactly do you define successful marketing? If it's just enough to keep your business alive, than I'm sure many companies can achieve that. Is it about keeping your business growing? Is it about sustaining what you already have?

These are all important questions because each one is going to greatly change the way you view your marketing. But before you can even ask them you have to be aware of what you're actually doing.

Never assume that your marketing is exactly what it needs to be. Always be on the look out for new ways to make your marketing strong. You're surrounded all the time by effective ways improve your marketing. I doubt that you're doing every possible type of marketing you can. But you can only know that if you know what your marketing really is. Never take your eye off of your marketing and never assume that you're doing everything you can.