Organic baby clothing is the safest clothesline

Your baby is the best gift given to you by God. If you wish to raise a healthy baby then you should take the trouble accordingly and be cautious about what your baby eats, drinks, and wears. Organic baby clothing is the best and the safest option for a parent who wants the best of the world for their angel. Organic clothing is environmental friendly and it does not harm your baby’s sensitive skin. Organic fibers are grown naturally without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

What is organic clothing?

Organic cotton is normally misunderstood as cotton. Organic cotton enhances and promotes biodiversity and biological cycles. Organic cotton has to pass through severe tests to be considered organic. Conventional cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land. Non-organic cotton production uses high levels of agrochemicals, which accounts to 16% of the worlds pesticides. Chemicals used in its production, pollute the air, water and soil. Residual chemical often causes skin irritation.

Organic cotton growers utilize biological based growing practices that offer a cleaner and healthier byproduct. Organic cotton growing method protects the groundwater quality, reduces insects and disease by manipulating the ecosystem. Organic cotton growers prevent pests through beneficial habitat planting. It eliminates the usage of toxic chemicals that are normally used for manufacturing conventional cotton. Organic cotton crops yield higher organic matter, thicker topsoil, lowers modulus rupture, thus reducing soil erosion.

Almost all are aware of the harmful effects of non-organic clothing, especially the fact that one third pound of chemicals is used to grow cotton enough to make one shirt. Just imagine how harmful it is to your baby’s tender skin. It is like making their skin absorb the pesticides. Environmental concerns have increased worldwide. Organic cotton has become a craze amongst fashion designers, thereby making the fashion industry switch over to organic materials for their new clothesline.

Organic fibers like 100% cotton, hemp and soy can be grown in great quantity and at a rapid speed. Extra dyes or chemicals that are harmful to the environment or for the baby are not used during the manufacture of organic cotton. Organic products are used to make more than just baby clothing; it is also used to make baby food, cleansing products and bedding, toys. It is surprising to note that organic products are not over priced because of the extra effort that goes into manufacturing them.

Many parents think that manufacturers label their product as “Organic” to fool the public into believing that the product is special. However, that is not true. The “Organic” label is given after thorough scrutinization by various governing bodies. Organic cotton allows the skin to breathe better, it allows the moisture to evaporate, as a result it keeps your baby’ skin soft and fresh whole day.

If you want, the best for your baby then consider buying organic baby clothing as it is the safest and best option for your baby and for the environment.