Use Your Color Posters to Hijack Market Attention

Do you want that attention your products or your company deserves when you do your poster printing campaign? Well, if you do, then let me teach how you can execute your campaign correctly.

I will also teach you how to make that poster print the talk of town, if not your market. I will give you the special tips that will teach you how to hijack market attention effective and make your investment in printing posters well worth the while. So let me start by the basic hijacking model, the offer people cannot refuse.

• An offer they cannot refuse – One of the most common attention grabbing methods for color posters is the special offer. You can print a great offer that they cannot refuse, within the design itself. A large poster that says 50% OFF already hijacks attention whatever people are doing. As long as there are large gains to be had for little effort, people will in fact notice and pay attention to it immediately. So take a chance and offer something that they cannot really refuse. Some fine print details might be involved depending on your business strategy, but you will get those readers indeed.

• A statement that rings bells – Sometimes a great or witty saying is enough to get people to take notice. Great quotations and witty remarks that discuss the joys and tribulations of life will always instantly connect with people. It is even possible to target specific demographics that you want to advertise at if you do this strategy for attention hijacking. For example, if you want to target married women, you might want to put in text that says, Get your husband to clean or I hate husbands that.... There are many types of interesting angles of approach like that in this type of strategy. Just choose the right statement that rings bells for your audience and you will grab attention poster in no time.

• Images that connect and inspire – Of course, the image can also be especially adjusted to grab attention. You just need to use more dynamic and Action images that people can relate to or be inspired in. Never just put in a picture of your product or your business. The image must be something that viewers can easily relate to and understand. A person stressed at work, or a person overcoming difficulties are some of the best concepts you can use to instantly grab the attention and connect with your readers. As long as there is something that your readers can relate to, their attention should be yours in this kind of strategy.

• Celebrity based hijacking – We also have the interesting concept of celebrity based attention hijacking. This involves using an awesome picture of a celebrity to capture attention. It is just natural for most of us to look at pictures of celebrities just to see what they are up to or what they are endorsing. So if you can get a celebrity image (or even cheaper a look-a-like actor), it can be your ticket to immediately get your market attention.

Great! Now you know how to hijack the market attention with your color posters. Have a great time using these tricks!