Online Data Storage - A 21st century Answer to data corruption

Online data storage services are generally hosted by third parties. It is storing of data at the server end i.e., creating cloud backup of data. The data is stored off-site and user can retrieve it when required. The storage and protection of data is intrinsic to object storage architecture. Online file backup is generally based on virtualized infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services Security– Understanding Shared Responsibility Environment

Amazon Web Services or AWS is offered by, a popular online international electronic commerce company. AWS is a collection of remote (cloud) computing services and offers unparallel cost efficient advantages to users who wish to migrate or partially offload their data in the cloud. Amazon is giving its infrastructure As a Service (IAAS) to its customers. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) are the two most popular services under the brand name of AWS.

Challenges to Telecommuting Overseas

Working from home occasionally, part-time or full-time is fairly common in many western countries. Many software developers and project managers routinely work full-time from home-office. The benefits are well known – saving hours of commuting time, flexibility, saving on commuting expenses, reduced emissions, etc. One key requirement for telecommuting is the availability of robust and high speed Internet connection.

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