Article Submission Guidelines

There is also an article on more article submission guidelines here.

Some common problems and reasons for articles being declined:

Links / Promotional Links / Self-serving Links/ Broken Links / Links to Spammy or Inappropriate Sites
You are allowed 2 self-serving links in the author byline only. All other unpaid links may not be added, or your article will be declined.

Blatant Sales / Promotion
Must not be promotional, sales, marketing, press release or advertisement.

Irrelevant Title / Tags
Title and Tags must be relevant to the article itself.

Low Value
Your article adds little value to readers.

Inapropriate Content
May not include content that is adult, violent or advocates racial intolerance.

Spelling / Grammar
Use a spelling and grammar checker. Have an English speaker proofread.

Affiliate Links

Not allowed in most cases.

Keyword Stuffing
Reads and looks like spam. Don't write for SEO, write for the reader.

Formatting Issues
Common formatting problems included: no paragraph or line breaks, wrong list tags ul/ol, exposed HTML

English is the only language currently accepted.